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Remaking the way we make things.

Creating a happiness world for future generations. 

We plan on being in business a long time. We must fulfill corporate social responsibility and environmental protection. Remaking the way we make things. Maintain product quality and customer service in a sustainable way for the earth and society.

We do our best to implement an environmental management system that meets the ISO 14001 standard. Committed to Hazardous Substance Free management in product design. Keep reducing hazardous substances in compliance with regulations and customer requirements.


Products, using recycled polyester and doped dyed yarn as materials. In dyeing and finishing process, waterproof breathable fabrics based on fluorine-free waterborne coating for environmentally friendly. The products have passed international standard test and comply with RoHS. Through using recycled materials, reduce environmental pollution and pollutant. In addition, reducing hazardous substances, achieving the concept of human health and environmental protection. Contributing to the environment.


Using Recycled Material

100% Recycled PET Bottles Yarn

Dope Dyed Yarn 



Material and Manufacturing Process Reduce Impact on Human Body and Environment



Commits to Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility and Protect Earth

Take from Nature, Give Back to Nature.

Take from Society, Give Back to Society.

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