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Care more  our earth.

Recycle, reduce, resource saving.

To achieve the concept of sustainable development.

To our earth, it become more serious every day.  Climate change, bushfires, air pollution and global warming keep happening. Environmental problem keeps running in circle. Diminish waste and stop destroy our planet. Protect  the environment is our responsibility.

Traditional textile industry is recognized as a heavy-polluting industry. In manufacturing process, spinning yarn, dying, knitting, finishing. Some manufacturing process produce large energy consumption, industrial wastewater, and pollution. All the time, highly polluting and highly energy-wasting which traditional textile industry encounter bring high cost problems. Then, how to recycle waste fabric become the most important issue.

RC fabric made with recycled  polyester yarn or doped dyed yarn. Through using recycled materials, reduce environmental pollution and pollutant. To achieve the concept of sustainable development.


Eco-friendly yarn made from recycled PET bottles.

pexels-elina-krima-3401354_攝影師:Elina Kri

Use dope dyed yarn to avoid environmental pollution caused by dyeing.

Resource Saving

Maximize effectiveness and
conserve natural resources.

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